Life Stories: Nemonte Nenquimo & Silvana Nihua in conversation with Alison Sudol

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Join us for an intimate conversation between three extraordinary and inspiring women taking action to protect the natural world.

How to Survive a Crisis

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In this live talk, Sir David will show how anyone can survive - and even thrive in - crises when using methodologies employed by the British intelligence agencies.  This is an unmissable event for anyone interested in the state of our world - and how we might improve it. 

The MPs We Deserve

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In 1997, Martin Bell became an 'anti-sleaze' MP, but things seem to be getting worse as Parliament becomes more synonymous with the S-word. Is there a way out of this very public mess?

The Case for Nature: Balancing the Head and the Heart

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To tackle the twin biodiversity and climate crises, we will need to reimagine our relationship with nature. Part of the answer lies in valuing the services that nature provides us, and making the economic case for individuals, governments or businesses to halt destruction and invest in restoration instead. But alongside that economic imperative lies a deeper, intrinsic one that requires philosophical and moral reflection from all of us.

Conduit Capital Appoints Georges Sudarskis & Meg Brown

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Conduit Capital appoints new Chairperson, former ADIA global private equity leader Georges Sudarskis Meg Brown, formerly Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Impax Asset Management, also joins to lead the firm’s growth strategy as Deputy CEO

The Female Gaze

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Over the course of history, the images created by women have had a profound impact on perceptions, identities, and social issues worldwide. Alongside Shoair Mavlian, Hannah Starkey, Fiona Shields and Carol Storey, we will showcase and discuss the contributions of women photojournalists and their unique perspectives, while highlighting the inequality and discrimination they faced in the industry. (Photo by Hannah Starkey)

Modern Slavery: Hidden in Plain Sight

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Modern slavery is the fastest growing crime in the world - with an estimated 50 million victims worldwide and more than 100,000 in the UK alone. It is a notoriously difficult crime to investigate, with those responsible becoming rich on the back of the brutality of others. So how can we combat it? Join us to hear from a panel of leading experts - from the media, business, charity and law, to hear stories from the frontline and discuss what more can be done to end this crime.

Equity in the Workplace

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Over the last forty years, Arvinda Gohil has made it her mission to ensure race equity is at the forefront of her life, professionally and personally. In many ways, a considerable amount has been achieved since she started her professional life. However, we know there is a very long road ahead, and much needs to change for us to really achieve true justice and equity.  Arvinda Gohil will be chairing this series, the first of which will focus on race, attraction and retention. Alongside Shani Newbold, Dr Wanda Wyporska, Phil Walker and Roselyn Cason-Marcus we will discuss bias and barriers in the recruitment process, the changes needed and what works.

Confronting Corruption with Tom Burgis & Anneke Van Woudenberg

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Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has catapulted the UK’s dirty money problem on to the front pages. But is enough being done to curb this multi-billion-pound corruption problem? Tonight’s speakers – key actors on these themes in politics, civil society and journalism - have in different ways all highlighted the impacts of global corruption. The crimes may be committed by powerful players thousands of miles away, everywhere from Kazakhstan to the Democratic Republic of Congo. But the UK is a key player and the impact is around us every day.

Young Innovator Awards

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The Conduit Young Innovator Awards recognise the effort and potential of changemakers between the ages of 18 and 28. The initiative is aimed at those who are transforming our world for the betterment of all its inhabitants.