Social Equity

Beyond the Field: Exploring Human Rights in Sports

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Reflecting on the intersection of sports and human rights, this past event hosted by Human Rights Watch Next Gen delved into the transformative power of sports as a medium for activism.

In Conversation with Nova Reid & Resmaa Menakem

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Leading racial trauma expert and New York Times Bestselling Author, Resmaa Menakem, had a conversation with award-winning producer, TED speaker, and author of The Good Ally, Nova Reid. They brought their expertise from the US and the UK to discuss their work. They delved into the topics of relationships, personal growth, the complexity of being human, and Black liberation. They further emphasised why embodiment is essential to the healing of racial trauma.

Empowering Women of Colour in Leadership Roles

Exploring the triumphs, challenges, and experiences of women of colour in leadership roles. Featuring insights from accomplished leaders like Arvinda Gohil, Benaifer Bhandari, Susannah La-Touche, Shani Newbold, and Joanne Anderson.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Refugees at Pride & Beyond

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LGBTQIA+ people and rights are not safe around the world. 67 countries still criminalise same-sex partnerships and LGBTQIA+ people. With our expert speakers, you’ll learn more about this pressing issue and how you can take part in supporting queer refugees everywhere.

The Female Gaze

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Over the course of history, the images created by women have had a profound impact on perceptions, identities, and social issues worldwide. Alongside Shoair Mavlian, Hannah Starkey, Fiona Shields and Carol Storey, we will showcase and discuss the contributions of women photojournalists and their unique perspectives, while highlighting the inequality and discrimination they faced in the industry. (Photo by Hannah Starkey)

Equity in the Workplace

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Over the last forty years, Arvinda Gohil has made it her mission to ensure race equity is at the forefront of her life, professionally and personally. In many ways, a considerable amount has been achieved since she started her professional life. However, we know there is a very long road ahead, and much needs to change for us to really achieve true justice and equity.  Arvinda Gohil will be chairing this series, the first of which will focus on race, attraction and retention. Alongside Shani Newbold, Dr Wanda Wyporska, Phil Walker and Roselyn Cason-Marcus we will discuss bias and barriers in the recruitment process, the changes needed and what works.

How to navigate a permacrisis: Reflections on an increasingly uncertain world

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In collaboration with On The Frontline, The Conduit hosted a panel of foreign Affairs experts to offer insight on the geopolitical trends influencing our increasingly uncertain future.

The Mobilisation of Women’s Movements in Iran and Afghanistan

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From Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai to Susan B. Anthony, women have played crucial catalytic roles across history in the fight for universal basic freedoms, across society and gender. Today, women continue to lead the battle front for human rights. As we witness parallel struggles for basic women’s rights and broader human rights in the face of repressive governments in neighbouring Iran and Afghanistan, how do women in crisis settings galvanise broader civil society to fight for universal human rights? As we mark International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, join Human Rights Watch’s Next Gen community in partnership with The Conduit, to explore gender inequality, women’s empowerment and how women mobilise broader human movements.

Iran’s women-led fight for freedoms

An all-Iranian panel speak about a century-long unresolved ideological conflict which, with the death of Mahsa Amini whilst in the custody of Iran's morality police, has re-erupted in a seismic women-led protest against the regime. Why has this death triggered such a strong and co-ordinated response, where will it lead, and will Iran find a way to reconcile the religious conservatism of its leadership with the strong yearning of its young population for modernisation? 

Tackling Racism in Sport

Against the backdrop of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and upcoming parliamentary hearings on racism in cricket, we explored the ongoing reality of discrimination in sport and the most effective strategies for tackling it – legally, societally and systemically. Presented in partnership with DLA Piper and in collaboration with Show Racism the Red Card and On Front Line.