Renewable Energy: The Next Generation | Expert Panel Discussion with Pilita Clark, Rhea Hamilton, Ben Backwell, Juliet Davenport & Husain Al Meer

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Watch our expert panel discussion on the future of renewable energy, featuring Pilita Clark, Rhea Hamilton, Ben Backwell, ,Juliet Davenport & Husain Al Meer. They discuss the shift from fossil fuels, carbon removal technology, climate engineering, and upcoming breakthroughs in the energy sector

Smallholder & Indigenous Agricultural Communities: The Key to Climate Action

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We were joined for a panel with the leadership of CASH Coalition members Climate Action Platform-Africa, Forest Trends, Landesa, Proximity Designs, and Root Capital. They discussed the critical path forward for climate, livelihoods, and our planet.

Navigating the Crossroads of Climate Change and Refugee Crisis

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Examining the intricate interplay between climate displacement, refugee crises, and global policy, in partnership with DLA Piper.

Imran Khan and the Political Tapestry of Pakistan

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Explore Pakistan's political dynamics, Imran Khan's pivotal role, and the nation's challenges in our in-depth panel discussion,

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Refugees at Pride & Beyond

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LGBTQIA+ people and rights are not safe around the world. 67 countries still criminalise same-sex partnerships and LGBTQIA+ people. With our expert speakers, you’ll learn more about this pressing issue and how you can take part in supporting queer refugees everywhere.

Understanding Societal Collapse with Complexity Scientist Peter Turchin

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Explore the concept of 'elite overproduction' and its role in societal breakdown through the lens of complexity scientist Peter Turchin. Understand the historical patterns that predict societal collapse and learn how we can prevent it.

The Trump Era: A Reflection on Power, Justice, and the US Election with James Comey

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Explore the intricate dynamics of the Trump administration, the US Election, and the role of figures like James Comey. Drawing from insights shared by Comey and his novel 'Central Park West', we delve into the heart of American politics.

Katapult Future Fest 2023: A Catalytic Confluence of Minds for a Better Future

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Katapult Future Fest 2023 served as a vibrant crucible for global change-makers, innovators, and thought leaders. Set against the backdrop of Oslo, the event was a celebration of ideas and innovation, dedicated to solving the world's grand challenges. 

Why the Pursuit of Perfection is Bad for Your Health

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Society places impossible pressures on each and every one of us to be perfect. How can we resist and preserve our mental health? LSE behavioural scientist Thomas Curran joins us with answers.

Activism Triumphs: The Power of People Driving Change

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From #MeToo to fighting for justice for Grenfell, we’ll hear from the activists who have been at the heart of these people-powered campaigns what it takes to come together and win change. And we’ll be joined by campaigning experts to breakdown the strategies, tactics and tools that are needed to win.