Economic Empowerment

How We Gave Control of Our Lives to Corporations, States and AIs

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We are terrified of how AI will transform the world. But our world is already ruled by supremely powerful artificial entities that may yet destroy us: states and corporations.

How to Unlock The Future Through Imagination Activism

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Phoebe Tickell, the creator of Imagination Activism and the 8-week training, and Jo Brown, the Director of People and Inclusion at Camden and sponsor for the Camden Imagines project, joined in conversation, chaired by Jon Alexander, author of Citizens.

Understanding Societal Collapse with Complexity Scientist Peter Turchin

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Explore the concept of 'elite overproduction' and its role in societal breakdown through the lens of complexity scientist Peter Turchin. Understand the historical patterns that predict societal collapse and learn how we can prevent it.

How to Survive a Crisis

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In this live talk, Sir David will show how anyone can survive - and even thrive in - crises when using methodologies employed by the British intelligence agencies.  This is an unmissable event for anyone interested in the state of our world - and how we might improve it. 

The MPs We Deserve

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In 1997, Martin Bell became an 'anti-sleaze' MP, but things seem to be getting worse as Parliament becomes more synonymous with the S-word. Is there a way out of this very public mess?

Conduit Capital Appoints Georges Sudarskis & Meg Brown

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Conduit Capital appoints new Chairperson, former ADIA global private equity leader Georges Sudarskis Meg Brown, formerly Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Impax Asset Management, also joins to lead the firm’s growth strategy as Deputy CEO

It’s never too late to start to embrace serendipity

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When the Futurenauts addressed an audience at The Conduit, our reporter Lucia was present. Little did she know that she would end the night with a desire to take up tango after inspiring a stranger to grow their own mushrooms. In a world where we're evermore in our bubbles, how can we learn to lean into the unexpected and serendipitous?

Adam Gopnik on The Real Work – How We Learn & Master New Skills

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In a quest discover how we obtain mastery, The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik apprenticed himself to a dancer, an artist, a boxer and even a driving instructor. A brilliantly perceptive critic of art, food, France, and more, Adam recently became obsessed by a fundamental matter: how do the subjects of his writing learn their outlandish skills? For anyone who has ever wanted to better themselves, this is your chance to learn how to learn from a true master of his craft – and a jack of many other trades besides.

Young Innovator Awards

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The Conduit Young Innovator Awards recognise the effort and potential of changemakers between the ages of 18 and 28. The initiative is aimed at those who are transforming our world for the betterment of all its inhabitants. 

The eight questions all philanthropists and donors should ask themselves (but often don’t)

Philanthropy is at a pivotal point. In the current conditions of a fast-changing geopolitical landscape, the rapid creation of new wealth and technology and a heightened awareness of how philanthropy can create social change are leading to exciting innovations and new thinking. So what must philanthropists consider to achieve truly effective and impactful results for people?