Past Events

Poles Apart: Why People Turn Against Each Other, and How to Bring Them Together

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Why do people become divided? What steps can we all take to reduce hostility and bring about understanding?

How can innovative finance support refugee integration?

According to the UNHCR, global resettlement will increase to 1,473,156 people in 2022. In the current global context, with ongoing conflict preventing refugees from safely returning home, overburdened asylum systems that limit possibilities of local integration, and the effects of a global pandemic further impacting the precarious situation of many refugees- the need for increased resettlement opportunities is more urgent than ever.

Tax vs Philanthropy: What Can the Government Do That I Can’t Do Better?

The UK is one of the most unequal developed countries in the world, and this is causing tensions within our democracy. Is more taxation the way to reduce inequalities? Or is it time for super-rich philanthropists to step up to address social needs and innovation gaps? Chancellors of the Exchequers? Or philanthropists’ chequebooks?

Race for Tomorrow: Simon Mundy in Conversation

Simon Mundy recently travelled across six continents to meet the people embroiled in a race to survive, adapt, and innovate as a response to climate change. He brings personal stories from the people he met – scientists, miners, entrepreneurs, farmers, and senior policymakers – to The Conduit for a rich and ranging discussion on life on the front lines of the climate crisis.

What War does to women: Christina Lamb in conversation

Drawing on over a decade’s worth of experience working as a foreign correspondent reporting from within numerous conflict zones, award-winning author and journalist Christina Lamb talks about her devastating reportage Our Bodies, Their Battlefield: What War Does to Women—an incendiary, angry and excoriating account of the scale of sexual violence in modern conflict.

No Easy Journey: Cobalt, Car Batteries and Human Rights

Sales of electric vehicles (EV) have surged in recent years as governments incentivise EV adoption and consumers become more environmentally conscious. What consumers might not be aware of are the negative impacts this growth in demand is having on communities and livelihoods in other parts of the world.

My Life As A Cop: Leroy Logan in Conversation with Afua Hirsch

The Metropolitan Police is facing a crisis of public confidence following a year where accusations of a culture of misogyny, its handling of public protests and major events, and its disproportionate use of powers on Black communities have all hit the headlines. Leroy Logan spent an illustrious 30 years in the Met, and he joins Afua Hirsch to share his first-hand experiences of wearing blue as a Black man.

Bhutan: Development With Values

The collective happiness of the population has always been a major goal of the Bhutanese government. However, being a small nation sandwiched between the superpowers of China and India, how can small countries like Bhutan champion their ideologies, protect themselves from the effects of climate change, and share their successes globally?

Let’s Farm the City

With space in our cities at a premium, what is the potential for urban farming? As part of the GROW Festival, join us for this online discussion exploring growing food in urban spaces.

Sustainable, Responsible, and Future-proof Investing, with WealthiHer

The Conduit hosted special event featuring inspiring all-women panels to discuss the central role business and finance will play in achieving the SDGs, and how women are integral to building a more sustainable future for all. This event is co-presented with WealthiHer, founded by Conduit Impact Champion Tamara Gillan.