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Dive Into Doughnut Economics – Nov 16th

This event will feature experts in Doughnut Economics, a model for meeting human needs while living within planetary boundaries, as well as the winners of the 2023 Ashden Awards. These inspiring champions are working towards that fair and sustainable future, spreading access to clean energy, protecting and restoring nature, and boosting incomes and wellbeing.


Spy Wars: The Unseen Battles For Intelligence Between China, Russia, USA & UK – Oct 19th

The recent shocking revelation of a parliamentary researcher’s arrest on suspicion of being a Chinese spy, has sent shockwaves through the British political establishment. Years of globalisation and outsourcing means we are more entangled than ever. While security concerns exist, global challenges like climate change necessitate collaboration.


IF WE BURN, YOU BURN: The Legacy Of The Hong Kong Protests – Nov 8th

Three years after the protest in Hong Kong ended, authorities continue to punish those involved. Through heavy prison sentences, the continued harassment of the protesters and their relatives, the closing down of businesses associated with the protest movement, the Chinese Communist Party and its Hong Kong government are making sure everyone is painfully aware of the price of dissent.