Past Events

Understanding Societal Collapse with Complexity Scientist Peter Turchin

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Explore the concept of 'elite overproduction' and its role in societal breakdown through the lens of complexity scientist Peter Turchin. Understand the historical patterns that predict societal collapse and learn how we can prevent it.

The Trump Era: A Reflection on Power, Justice, and the US Election with James Comey

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Explore the intricate dynamics of the Trump administration, the US Election, and the role of figures like James Comey. Drawing from insights shared by Comey and his novel 'Central Park West', we delve into the heart of American politics.

Why the Pursuit of Perfection is Bad for Your Health

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Society places impossible pressures on each and every one of us to be perfect. How can we resist and preserve our mental health? LSE behavioural scientist Thomas Curran joins us with answers.

Activism Triumphs: The Power of People Driving Change

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From #MeToo to fighting for justice for Grenfell, we’ll hear from the activists who have been at the heart of these people-powered campaigns what it takes to come together and win change. And we’ll be joined by campaigning experts to breakdown the strategies, tactics and tools that are needed to win.

Life Stories: Nemonte Nenquimo & Silvana Nihua in conversation with Alison Sudol

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Join us for an intimate conversation between three extraordinary and inspiring women taking action to protect the natural world.

How to Survive a Crisis

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In this live talk, Sir David will show how anyone can survive - and even thrive in - crises when using methodologies employed by the British intelligence agencies.  This is an unmissable event for anyone interested in the state of our world - and how we might improve it. 

The MPs We Deserve

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In 1997, Martin Bell became an 'anti-sleaze' MP, but things seem to be getting worse as Parliament becomes more synonymous with the S-word. Is there a way out of this very public mess?

The Case for Nature: Balancing the Head and the Heart

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To tackle the twin biodiversity and climate crises, we will need to reimagine our relationship with nature. Part of the answer lies in valuing the services that nature provides us, and making the economic case for individuals, governments or businesses to halt destruction and invest in restoration instead. But alongside that economic imperative lies a deeper, intrinsic one that requires philosophical and moral reflection from all of us.

The Female Gaze

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Over the course of history, the images created by women have had a profound impact on perceptions, identities, and social issues worldwide. Alongside Shoair Mavlian, Hannah Starkey, Fiona Shields and Carol Storey, we will showcase and discuss the contributions of women photojournalists and their unique perspectives, while highlighting the inequality and discrimination they faced in the industry. (Photo by Hannah Starkey)

Modern Slavery: Hidden in Plain Sight

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Modern slavery is the fastest growing crime in the world - with an estimated 50 million victims worldwide and more than 100,000 in the UK alone. It is a notoriously difficult crime to investigate, with those responsible becoming rich on the back of the brutality of others. So how can we combat it? Join us to hear from a panel of leading experts - from the media, business, charity and law, to hear stories from the frontline and discuss what more can be done to end this crime.