Ralph Lauren ‘Sustainability Stories’



Rachel Arthur

Paul's guest in this episode is Rachel Arthur, sustainability consultant and co-founder of FashMash, a global, members-only community of fashion insiders.

Oliver Steeds

Paul's guest in this episode is Oliver Steeds, founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton, dedicated to the exploration and protection of the ocean.

Dr Helen Crowley

Paul's guest in this episode is sustainability and conservation expert, Dr Helen Crowley. Helen breaks down the historic importance of the G7 Fashion Pact, explains the key steps we need to take to create more sustainable supply chains and shares why she will always have faith in the brilliance and resilience of nature.

Peter Semple

Paul's guest in this episode is Peter Semple, Chief Marketing Officer at Depop, the fashion marketplace app with a cult Gen-Z following and 20 million users worldwide.