Rosa Sangiorgio

Humanising Investment with Rosa Sangiorgio

Welcome to The Conduit’s podcast series on Humanising Investment. Inspired by Gillian Tett’s book, Anthrovision, this series will focus on inspiring the next generation of investors to recognise the value of responsible investing.

Hosted by Asha Lad, Chief Investment Officer at Conduit Capital, each episode will be talking to a leading responsible investor in the institutional responsible investing space, getting to grips with each of their stories, understanding what led towards a career in the space and how they feel we can begin to humanize the finance industry.

In this episode Asha is joined by Rosa Sangiorgio.

Rosa’s career represent in some ways the evolution of Responsible Investments over the past twenty years from seemingly conventional investing role to an intentional one. She is currently Head of ESG at Pictet Wealth Management. She previously held leadership roles at several European banks, from IMI Bank (now part of BNP), Societe Generale, Capitalia (now part of UniCredit) and  most recently leading the Sustainability and Impact Investing effort for Credit Suisse Investment Management.

Rosa strongly believes that the wealth management industry is currently in an imbalanced position, between an investments’ mission and monetary objectives.