Energy Security, Energy Justice and Net Zero – A Solutions Based Approach

The Road to COP27: Energy Security, Energy Justice and Net Zero – A Solutions Based Approach

The Global Wind Energy Council and The Conduit have partnered this year to drive the conversation ahead of COP27 in Egypt. We’ll look at the transversal issues facing those fighting to tackle climate change, and the topics that will be top of the agenda for world leaders in November.

One of those key challenges will be ensuring a just transition; one that takes every region forward to a world powered by renewable energy, and one where everybody has left polluting fossil fuels behind.

The partnership’s fourth podcast looks at energy security, energy justice and net zero – a solutions based approach.

GWEC’s Reshmi Ladwa is joined by Miguel Viana, Head of IR and Sustainability at EDP and EDPR to discuss this topic using a solutions based approach. The conversation addresses the recent geopolitical conflicts as a result of the invasion of Ukraine and rising energy prices.  There is a window of opportunity for the renewables industry to provide a solution to these challenges. Join us as we take a solutions based approach to see how renewables can be a three stop solution to reaching net zero, energy security and energy justice.

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Straight from an Africa COP: The potential of renewables and the rise of the JETP

The partnership’s penultimate podcast looks at the just energy transition through the lens of Africa including the position on gas in the energy transition, the unexploited wind potential in the region and the rise of the JETP. GWEC’s Reshmi Ladwa is joined by Wangari Muchiri, Director of Africa Wind Power also at GWEC to discuss their lived Africa COP experience. The conversation addresses the narrative associated with gas and the deployment of renewables in Africa. As the continent develops and industrialises we discuss the positive impacts that the acceleration of renewables can have on nations. Ensuring a just energy transition in the form of national frameworks can further lessen the burden faced by the most impacted stakeholders in the energy transition. Join us as we discuss live from week one of COP!

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