Simon Mundy

Conduit Conversations at COP26: Simon Mundy

Journalist and author, Simon Mundy,  has travelled extensively around the world, discovering the stories of the individuals who are experiencing life on the front lines of the climate crisis. From farmers to senior policymakers, miners to entrepreneurs, Simon has gained an invaluable insight into the minds of the people embroiled in a race to survive, adapt, and innovate as a response to climate change.

The all-consuming issue of the world’s climate is one that needs representation from all corners of the globe. Yet, Simon tells us in this episode that at COP26 there was an over representation of businessmen and a comparative lack of more marginalised voices. This is despite the fact that “if you’re on the ground you really have a much more powerful opportunity to influence the conversation”. So how can a more diverse range of voices become part of the conversations?

In this episode, Simon suggests that in order to bring the voices of ordinary people to future COPs, the UN should develop a programme that has individuals on the ground, alongside their government representatives, participating and influencing the discussions. People who have come from the most vulnerable and affected communities – “people who can speak with their own voices”. Tune in to learn more about Simon’s travels, his personal insights and his stance on how to increase representation in this crucial conversation.

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