Communicating online: Tips for authenticity

In this new series, Conduit member and public speaking expert Simon Bucknall shares his top tips for avoiding awkward moments and coming across as your best self during online meetings.

Climate, COVID and moments of change

Conduit member Rob Moore, Director at Behaviour Change, shares new research that reveals how UK citizens really feel about climate change and suggests how green campaigners can change their approach to inspire genuine and impactful action.

Five lessons in running impactful campaigns from Richard Curtis

As the first guest on our new podcast, created in partnership with Coutts, Richard shares five of his top tips for creating campaigns that get attention and drive genuine positive change.

Learning to talk about mental health

In January 2008, 20-year-old Jonny Benjamin stood on a bridge in central London about to jump to his death. A passing stranger stopped and talked to Jonny, saving his life. Six years later Jonny launched the #FindMike campaign to try to find that stranger on the bridge so he could finally thank him

Supporting Entrepreneurs for Genuine Impact: Two Years of the Conduit Connect

Almost two years since the company was founded, the Conduit Connect has published its first impact report. From the innovative impact framework they developed, to the key areas in which they’re making a difference, download the report to learn about the ways in which Conduit Connect is helping to accelerate positive change.

Eye on Afghanistan: Shukria Barakzai in conversation

Afghan politician, journalist and a prominent Muslim feminist Shukria Barakzai as she reflects on the future of Afghanistan, 5 months since she fled the nation following the dramatic takeover by the Taliban.