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Shukria Barakzai: an Eye on Afghanistan

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Afghan politician, journalist and prominent Muslim feminist Shukria Barakzai reflects on female rights in Afghanistan.

Freedom to Think, by Susie Alegre

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In her new book Freedom to Think, human rights lawyer Susie Alegre  explores the changing landscape of our right to freedom of thought. Its vulnerability to be influenced at every possible opportunity, by those that we don’t even know are watching. Thoughts on their own are not currently illegal, there is a protected realm in our Forum Internum. But the line is shifting and the law is scurrying to keep up. Neuro-law and brain finger printing technology are beginning to be used for intelligence gathering, leading towards it being used for evidentiary purposes in a court of law. Which begs the question, can thoughts be a criminal act?

A Q&A with Richard Robinson, Founder of Old Spike Roastery

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When you sit down to order a flat white, long black or cappuccino at The Conduit you coffee comes with a conscience. All of our coffee beans are sourced from Old Spike Roastery, the UK’s first social enterprise, specialty coffee roastery. Rosie cornered Old Spike’s Founder Richard Robinson for a chat…

Eye on Ukraine: An Ongoing Analysis

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Breaking News event, analysing the developing situation in Ukraine. This in depth discussion will feature an expert panel, including acclaimed author and historian Anne Applebaum, writer and security specialist Edward Lucas and Michael Bociurkiw a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, who will be joining us from Lviv. More speakers to be announced.

Gendered Genocides

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Here Rahima Mahmut, Uyghur artist and activist, shares with us her powerful insight into the reality of the genocide taking place in her homeland and how the Chinese authorities are systematically breaking the spirit of Uyghur women, to break the spirit of an entire people. 

10 Tips For Healthy Money Management

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Lottie Leefe is the Founder of The Dura Society. With over ten years’ wealth management, property and HNW experience under her belt, she brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of finance, money management and luxury lifestyle to the table. Ahead of her Financial Wellbeing Workshop at The Conduit this weekend, we asked Lottie to let us into her 10 tips for healthy money management.

‘I Am, You Are: A Pebble’: an interview with photographer Sebastian Böttcher

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‘I Am, You Are: A Pebble’ is a project by international photographer, Sebastian Böttcher. Inspired by the book ‘From Women to the World – Letters for a New Century’ by Elizabeth Filippouli, this collaborative project brings to life the extraordinary stories of visionary women from around the world. It portrays women from more than 20 countries, creating a metaphorical dialogue and a space for us all to celebrate women's diversity, values and compassionate leadership style.

Eye on Ukraine: How To Help

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The situation in Ukraine continues to unfold, with more lives at risk and the need for support increasing daily. The Conduit has brought together a list or organisations supporting Ukraine and ways that you can help.

Code Red Situation: the latest IPCC report

A view from the Climate Crisis Advisory Group on the latest IPCC report. Attributable to Sir David King, Chair of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group.

Racial Equity: Intersectionality in Action

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February is Black History Month in the United States and in the UK we have been marking Racial Equity Week. As with Britain’s Black History Month in October, these moments in time offer us the chance to reflect on past struggles for racial justice and celebrate the successes achieved.