The Conduit and Bloomberg Businessweek Mini-Series


Joel Weber

The final guest in our special mini-series produced in collaboration with Bloomberg Businessweek is Joel Weber, Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Richard Perl

In this episode, Paul chats with Richard Perl, Chief Administrative Officer of Terracycle. They talk about Terracycles's new global shopping and reuse system, called LOOP, the importance of private sector partnerships in waste reduction and the challenges to scaling the circular economy.

Harriet Lamb

Paul's guest in this episode is Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden. They talk about the importance of redesigning urban areas, balancing preservation with innovation, and the role of government, businesses and individuals in the cities of the future.

Jon Moore

In this episode, Jon Moore, CEO of BloombergNEF, shares his predictions for the energy sector over the next decade, from the importance of electric vehicles to the countries leading the way.

Jane Burston

Paul is in conversation with Jane Burston, Executive Director of the Clean Air Fund. Globally, some 7 million deaths a year are linked to air pollution and it costs the economy billions in healthcare annually.