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Bookish With Sathnam Sanghera: Our New Live and Online Book Club

Welcome to Bookish – the new book club for people who share a passion for powerful storytelling. Each month our community will come together in The Conduit, to meet one of the great authors of our times. For our inaugural book club we are welcoming Sathnam Sanghera, bestselling author of Empireland and The Boy With The Topknot. Come and join us to relax, have a cocktail with likeminded people, hear from the writer, and share your thoughts.

Soumik Datta’s Hope Notes

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Who is a refugee? What does it mean to be one? Conduit Impact Champion Soumik Datta has created 'Hope Notes' a project that tells unique human stories of survival through music and animation.

Eye on Ukraine: Andrey Kurkov in conversation

Ukraine’s most famous novelist spends an evening exploring his new book, Grey Bees- a dramatization of the conflict raging in his country through the lens of a mild-mannered beekeeper.

‘I Am, You Are: A Pebble’: an interview with photographer Sebastian Böttcher

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‘I Am, You Are: A Pebble’ is a project by international photographer, Sebastian Böttcher. Inspired by the book ‘From Women to the World – Letters for a New Century’ by Elizabeth Filippouli, this collaborative project brings to life the extraordinary stories of visionary women from around the world. It portrays women from more than 20 countries, creating a metaphorical dialogue and a space for us all to celebrate women's diversity, values and compassionate leadership style.

How to Uncover the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Forest

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Raised in the hardy forest communities of British Columbia, scientist Suzanne Simard overturned conventional beliefs in proving that trees and plants are connected underground by an immense web of fungal mycelia, at the centre of which lie the Mother Trees: the mysterious, powerful entities that sustain the forest.

CITIZENS: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us

Activist, author and co-founder of the New Citizenship Project, Jon Alexander, for an exploration of his new book- CITIZENS: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us

The Future of Circular Fashion

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The need for the world to shift from a linear, take-make-waste economy to a circular economy is becoming more compelling every day, and nowhere is this transition more urgent than in the fashion industry. But how will the fashion industry, and fast fashion in particular, make this transition?”

Still Breathing: 100 Black Voices on Racism

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An exploration of the acclaimed new book Still Breathing: 100 Voices on Racism, alongside its co-editor Suzzette Llewellyn and contributors Albie Amankona and Bonnie Greer.
An activist prusiks into a tree. Using a climbing technique known as prusiking allowed protestors to climb single ropes up into the trees pulling up the rope behind them much like a drawbridge. ©AdrianFisk

Until the Last Oak Falls – an Adrian Fisk photo essay

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Adrian Fisk is a photojournalist whose 30-year career has seen him document humanity's struggle to grapple with a planet we are responsible for changing. In this photo essay, Adrian takes us back to the mid-90s to share rare photos taken in the UK whilst embedded in the direct action environmental movement, as activists took to the trees in an attempt to prevent them from being destroyed to build a motorway.

By Adrian Fisk

Fireside Chat with Yinka Shonibare

An intimate conversation with Turner Prize-nominated artist, Yinka Shonibare CBE RA. Renowned for his exploration of colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalisation.